New Directions

So the last project fizzled pretty quickly. It's too bad because my partner and I had a lot in common, but I guess common interests don't make a game.

I've already moved onto and past one project about weather control. The premise was that you would use weather to control the outcome of events. It was inspired mechanically by Opera Omania, and thematically by Metal Gear Solid (conspiracy theory story). The biggest problem was that I had trouble figuring out how to make the game's main mechanic fun and challenging.

My next project is something with a tried-and-true mechanic: shooting things. I've been playing with Valve's Source engine and learning the ropes. As I was surfing FPSBanana for skins (I'm not an artist) and I found a few Metal Gear Solid inspired ones. I thought that making some maps based on MGS's VR Missions would be fun, but I quickly discovered that some of the entities would need some tweaking in-order to fit my needs. The two biggest changes I want to make though are:
  • Adding a radar system, akin to MGS, but perhaps without the 'jamming' feature
  • Dumb-down the AI by limiting the visual range of enemy NPC's
Below are some screen shots of what I've got so far (models courtesy of various FPSBanana members). I think the color-scheme could use some work, any and all feedback is appreciated.

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